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For our blog we would like to articulate the lifestyles and fashions of Silver Lake. We would also like to analyze the similarities and differences within the latest trends to the trends of Silver Lake. Silver Lake is known to accentuate the qualities of having a “hipster environment,” which translates into the elements of art, music, movies, “mom and pop” stores, walkable shops, bars, and eateries, which allows you to escape from the overpowering metropolitan afflictions.  Silver Lake is also overcome by power singles (high-income urban singles), foreign-born urbanities (foreign-born individuals who live in the city), and aspiring urbanites (urban singles with moderate income) who are in their late 30’s with an income of about $44,000. Due to these unique characteristics we are able to see a discernable relation to fashion.

The concept behind the blogs design will enrapture the vibrant lifestyles of Silver Lake residents throughout the photographs, all the while keeping the text and background simple in black and white will allow for the pictures to speak for themselves and implement the idea of art’s influence in Silver Lake.

LF has already brought forth the aura of raw and fresh aesthetics to the retail industry which represents creativity and innovations. If we initiate this theme into the store, the attraction and curiosity of the store will be heightened. My desire is to bring an immediate gravitational pull towards everyone; including the unusual target market. This is why the front display of the store will possess the most attention by having an eye-catching and engaging property. However, the overall appearance of the store will enable LF to expand their range of consumers and their target market.

The store will be divided into two different sections to encompass two very distinguishable styles. One side will represent a hipster, vintage feel, while the other side will embody a darker edgier look. I would hope that this would expand LF target market and drive LF to be known as a pioneer of fashion.

The front of the store will have stain glass windows which would represent the theme of the store. The theme of the store will have contemporary elements, with fresh open space.  I would hope the store would augment the merchandise and allure new and interested consumers.