Beauty and Business

“…you are just as good as you were before because you can look exactly the same.” The female body has evolved into a product. We are now correcting our imperfections to conform to an image of perfection. What is perfection? Big boobs? A big butt? Long legs? To live up to the standard of femininity, women now have to maintain a certain level of appearance. These expectations have formed a blurry line between what women need versus what women want.

“In the postwar years, sexual allure and desire were celebrated attributes of the normal female psyche.” The advantages and disadvantages of women have cause women to be easily influenced by advertisements and trends. Women define themselves as a woman, by their appearance. If a man wanted to be a woman, how would he change his appearance? Naturally, the man would want to grow out his hair, and create breasts. Women breast are an essential feature for a womanly figure; a distinctive asset that sets us apart from the opposite sex. If we were to lose this characteristic, a part of a woman’s identity would be lost. We are so bounded by this idea, that we have transformed a medical procedure into a cosmetic procedure.

In 1945 an official patent for artificial breast transpired. With technology, women could now wear form fitting bra with padding to enhance their breasts. Then, in the 1950s and 1970s, doctors were now surgically implanting silicone breasts for a more authentic look. This transformation proves the strong desire that women have for perfection. While I do believe that a women’s breasts can be symbol of empowerment for some, the idea of changing your appearance due to conformity should not be enforced. Where do we draw the line? Although we all have our insecurities, I wish our society would be more accepting of diversity and learn to retain different perspectives of what beauty can mean. Beauty should be in the eye of the beholder.

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  1. great line..female body has evolved into a product.

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