Fashion and Gender

Does your dress follow traditional gender roles?

Fashion has progressed into a uni-sexual environment; thus to categorize dress by gender would be contradictory. Today we have boyfriend jeans, boyfriend cardigans, oxfords, and fedora hats; all deemed to be masculine or men clothing. Although I have wore and bought all of these products, as a woman I feminize them with an accent of jewelry, or tight fitted jeans. So does my dress follow traditional gender roles? My answer would be no. Since fashion modified itself to be more non-traditional, the line distinguishing ideal perception of being feminine or masculine has been blurred.

How does your gender influence your apparel choices?

I would say that my gender somewhat influences my apparel. I naturally like to feel comfortable with what I wear. I also don’t like to wear a lot of bright colors. Although I like to choose items that are generally fitted for women, such as short skirts, low cut tops, and high heels, my choice on apparel is not gendered based.

In what ways do you dress outside of your gender?

In the past, particular pieces that were considered to be masculine has now become feminine, and vice versa. However if we were to answer this question in a traditional manner, my simple decor and dull approach to attire would be one way of dressing outside of my gender. The majority of the time I like to be covered up with layers of simple fabrics. My choices for clothing are limited due to my body frame, which is similar to that of a ten year old boy. I am not blessed with big boobs, long legs, or a big butt, this is greatly apparent in my apparel.

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  1. very interesting considerations your bring up. wish you would have mentioned this in class.

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