Gender and Subversion

“Desire to wear functional, non-restricting clothing that was neither manufacturing in an exploitative way…”

The progression of women apparel has progress in an extraordinary way. It is crazy to see that women in the past were criticized for dressing in a comfortable manner. This leaves us with the impression that women were expected to dress in a demeanor that men desired. Although today we have created a dynamic where women began to compete with other women. Women are now more keen to dressing in a more masculine tone, rather than sticking to the traditional ways of style.

“Fashion is one among many forms of aesthetic creativity which makes possible the exploration of alternatives.”-Elizabeth Wilson

This idea of masculinity vs femininity has been a controversial topic. The definition of dressing in a masculine way, or in a feminine way has become confusing. Is dressing in a jean and T-shirt considered to be masculine? Or does dressing in a tank top considered to be feminine? If we were to answer this question today we couldn’t give a definite answer. We have created a style of clothing where men and women are able to share designs, patterns, and fabrics.

“….clothing would not define its wearer, but allow them to be an individual; their own fashionable persona…”

I wish we had a Mick Jagger in our time. In our society today, we appear to be scared of radical changes due to public scrutiny. Although we have our Lady Gaga and Katy Perry to steer us away from simplicity, we continued to assume the role of being more conservative than liberal. Mick Jagger was also able to unite the qualities that people defined as being feminine and masculine. This concept of unisex clothing was a revolutionary idea that many couldn’t understand or appreciate.

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  1. Rather safe images, for the topic of Gender and Subversion. Also when you are presenting, please speak up, feel strong out your work.

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