Final Project

Description: K-town is also known as Koreatown; it is located in between Downtown and Hollywood. The majority of Koreans seem to maintain their residence in this area. Due to the tremendous amount of Koreans occupying this region, an invisible foundation of competition has formed. This invisible competition has caused many to turn against one another, which in result has activated the appearance of different gangs. The image of a “K-towner” is portrayed as being tough, and better than the rest. The make-up is intense; high arched eye-brows drawn, heavy eye-liner, and lip-liner. The apparel is fitted with tight fitted jeans, with an over-sized sweater, along with men athletic shoes. The overall concept of a “K-towner” is a Korean gangster.

Why: I have always been fascinated by the “K-town” imagine. I didn’t understand it, nor did I follow any of these trends. As I have briefly mentioned before, I was brought up in a non-Korean environment, so being exposed to this culture was shocking. I wanted this image to be my alter-ego because I have seen a progression toward a more chic look in Koreatown. Although a few continue to adopt this “K-town” image many have turned away from it, and began to dress in a more appropriate manner. I wanted to see how people would react to the re-birth of this style.

Different: This look would be the complete opposite of who I am. I am a very shy and simple person. I do not like a lot of attention, nor would I look for it. This appearance would attract major attention and notice. This image is also very character revealing, the overall appearance (dress) gives the impression that you are someone not to be messed up. I personally feel like I do not dress, or represent myself like this in any sort of way.

Execution: I would divide this into two days. I would portray this image in K-town for 6 hours, and I would also portray this image in a non-Korean environment for 6 hours. I would use pictures and videos to display my adventure. I would also like to interview people who have transitioned from having a K-town image to having a more trendy look, and why they had transformed their look.

  1. Canie, can you post some images of what you will try and look like. Where will your other site be? can why would you be noticed in those places? what will you do in Ktown? If you could flush that out more, it sounds like a good project.

  2. canieoh said:

    The other site will be in the Valley; the environment I am familiar with. I picked the Valley because I know that Asians are a minority in this area, so to see an Asian gangster would set a wide-range of reactions. In Koreatown I would go to bars, restaurants (Korean BBQ), and cafes; which are the hot spots in Koreatown. These places are also whats going to make me extremely uncomfortable, but would give me the most reactions.

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