We have seen a transformation in apparel of leaders in churches. Traditionally a Pastor would be distinguished by wearing a robe with a suit, but now we have seen an unique contrast of modernized clothing. Even for an authoritarian figure, the accustomed manner of dress has evolved into comfortable revived attire. It is interesting to see this progression of dress in a religious setting.

Todd Bentley was a renowned Canadian Pastor of Lakeland Revival. He was initially known for his controversial ministry that attracted over 10,000 members. His modern approach to religion caused him to be approachable and relatable to non-believers. He incorporate rock music and colorful light shows which was unfamiliar and refreshing to believers, and non-believers. Although the controversy that surrounded Todd Bentley caused him to be well-judged, and known by other ministries and Pastors. Many reported incidents of violence from Todd Bentley, which caused him to kick, smack, and knock over visitors of his church. He responded to these allegations by saying, “the Holy Spirit led him to such actions, incidents were taken out of context and adding that miracles were happening simultaneously.” Todd Bentley also claimed to be a healer, with healing powers, which increased his popularity. However, a scandal of infidelity, divorce, and remarriage forced Todd Bentley to leave his ministry. He was accused, and later admitted to having an affair with his ministry intern, Jessa Hasbrook. He soon divorced his wife, and remarried to Jessa Hasbrook. This story makes me question about the modernity of religion; does it work? I believe that if it is addressed and handled within the guidelines of morality, the chances of effectiveness is high.


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