Beauty & Culture Exhibition

“I don’t like standard beauty – there is no beauty without strangeness.-Karl Lagerfeld

I was excited, and became slightly arrogant when I noticed that the exhibit related to a lot of what we talked about in class (androgyny, mastectomy, Orlan). It was interesting to see the various visual expression of beauty. The documentary that was also shown was extremely eye-opening and intense; it made me question a lot of things. What is true beauty? Is beauty appearance? Self-esteem? Power? I couldn’t figure it out. As I was walking around, staring, and reading about how one defined or interpreted beauty, my definition of beauty became distorted. As I drew closer to the end of the exhibit, I had realized that beauty resides with culture. I always believed that beauty had an universal definition. However, I learned that through one’s particular lifestyle and norms we are able to create our own unique conception of beauty.

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