The Erotic Body

“The message put across to women reflects the eternal conflict between the need to appear sexually attractive and being condemned for adopting too obvious an approach to achieve this goal.”

I believe that women are always struggling with the idea of how men perceive women, and how women perceive other women. Which do we care about more? When we go out to a club or to a bar, women tend to dress more provocatively and erotically. The majority of women dress to grasp the attention of men, while insinuating jealousy towards women. However, women are caught in a “catch 22.” If we dress overtly unsophisticated we are called “sluts,” but if we dress innocently we are given the cold shoulder. The underlining problem with this issue, is that there is no balance. Women are punished for being openly sexual, but criticized for being prude.

“…nudity is a negative state, a privation, loss, dispossession…being unclothed meant finding oneself in a degraded and shamed position, typical of prisoners, slaves or prostitutes, of those who are demented or cursed.”-Mario Perniola¬†

Nudity has become a taboo in our society; it makes us feel uncomfortable, awkward, and surprised. When we talk about sex, or even watch a sex scene from a movie, we seem to get unusually delicate. Americans are known to be one of the most sexually active, but seem to find it necessary to keep it behind closed doors. As many tend to say, “Don’t kiss and tell.” Nudity has categorized itself as a shameful act. Whether it is put into terms of entertainment, personal enjoyment, or even art, many desire to identify nudity as a private disclosed act.

“Woman is never so seductive as when she adores herself….The woman becomes her own fetish and therefore, a fetish for the other.”-Mike Gane

Women have gradually lost the value of self-esteem, and self-respect. We try to beautify ourselves with clothes, make-up, cosmetic surgery, and so forth. We have twisted the idea of beauty. Although many have said that personality is the key, does it really? Male or female we all want to look good, and we want others to tell us that we look good. Women has taken the idea of beauty and correlated it to looking younger, skinnier, and fashionable. This is also why women lust over money. We cannot achieve all of the necessities to become “beautiful” without money. If we could love ourselves first, then the portrayal of our security will be natural.

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  1. Self respect and self esteem – are the most powerful tool we have.

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