Living Dolls

“Why are fashion models still called mannequins?”

To answer this question, fashion models are considered to be mannequins due to their impeccable similarities. The mannequins that I have come in contact with are incredibly accurate to real life human beings. Also, fashion models have a reputation of acquiring a distinct appearance; extremely skinny, beautiful, flawless, and immortal. Fashion models are considered to be above average, who are given better and greater opportunities than the rest. This is why many women try to conform to this image, due to the rarity and acknowledgments.

“the public dream spaces of the fashion world”

I believe that the public is unusually intrigued with the fashion world. The fashion world portrays itself as a glamorous untouchable society, in which acceptance is only granted through invitation. There is an invisible line in which one cannot cross; unless you uphold to a certain level of status. We hate the idea of fashion, and yet we cannot stop ourselves from conforming to it. The desire for acceptance and appearance is too strong to break the fascination of the fashion world.

“The desire for the right image…alienates women from themselves, turning them into automatons.”

I strongly dislike the idea of women abandoning their own individualistic ideas for acceptance. I am guilty of acting in this way, and I hate it. I wish our society was more open to uniqueness. We are so quick to judge others, and women have paid the price. Women have to deal with discrimination in all aspects of life; work, school, relationships, family, etc. Society has voiced a “right image” of women, and it has spread like wild fire.

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  1. Canie, i think there is some confusion – living models are called mannequins. So what does that mean to refer to a living person as a static object?

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