Branding Statement

LF is a clothing boutique located at Larchmont in Los Angeles. LF carries multiple women brands that are geared towards a more daring trendy look; brands such as Jeffrey Campbell, Millau, Emma and Sam, Car Mar, and Vintage. LF also adapts to a more innovative style, which enables one to feel courageous and fashion forward all at the same time. These characteristics allow LF to market towards a younger market, which are more attracted and fascinated with the current fashion and trends. Considering the concentration of a younger market, with ages ranging from 18-30, along with a high income of about $30,000, who work full-time or who have parents that work full-time, the target market is directed towards a limited community. Therefore I would like to re-brand LF, stick within their current market, and amplify their current attributes

The price ranges that is set within LF ranges between $80-$150, which also enables this brand to reach the “privileged.” By bringing in this unique characteristic, we can hold a distinguishable essence into this company. LF will carry genuine original styles that allow one to feel like they bought their moneys worth. This fresh new idea will also be relatable, and allow one to feel their individuality to be magnified. LF will be known to be more inviting, available, and all the while still be unique and distinguishable.


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