ART 204

In Extremis: Death and Life in 21-st Century Haitian Art I was completely enraptured by the creativity and the dramatical interpretation of death. Although I found it very ironic that the theme of the exhibit was death, but the pieces were all intricately beautifully assembled. I was also immediately inspired by the contrasting colors, and the different types of mediums used throughout the exhibit. There was also an unexpected realm of sensitivity; an emotional aspect that intensified as you walked around from one piece to the next. However, although I was undeniably mesmerized by the mystical imagination of the entire exhibit, I was more intrigued by the Haitian culture. I was inspired to design a piece that could combine Haitian culture to our culture today. In result, this gave me the idea of having a segment that stood out of my garment, but had an overall theme of modesty. I thought that my choice of fabric allowed me to blend or reveal a little bit of the Haitian feel, while still being considerably reserved.