Russian Immigrant Women

Prior to reading this article, I always believed fashion to be purely a unique statement of an individual. I considered it to be the simplest form of expression; a medium for displaying matters such as a reflection of their likes and character, exhibiting one’s mood or simply giving aesthetic pleasure. However, it never occurred to me that social and political influence, in almost all aspects, was the cornerstone of fashion. Political and social issues could potentially serve as a means of expression in personal styles and trends. I learned that fashion has constantly been a subject to censorship and restrictions and realize now how much I take for granted the era and country I live in. A country where we can make our own choices and be who we want to be. Reading the testimonies of the 10 Russian immigrant women helped me become more “open” and “aware”.

Upon entering Canada, all 10 Russian immigrant women were shocked and stunned by the attire of Canadian women. Russian women regarded fashion highly and very seriously while devoting their money and time to look presentable. On the other hand, Canadian women were careless, comfortable, and sloppy. Although a number of factors for such as age, finance, and health made it hard for Russian women to upkeep the practice of fashion, their traditional ideas and beliefs of fashion never steered away. I believe that this was a bold and powerful statement.


1. Where did the idea of imitation come from?

2. What is the Strauss and Corbin concept?

3. How did the idea of femininity start?


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